Max (left) and Snuggles (right)

Max is our 25 year old Zen master. A strong equine leader and a gentle in tune soul who enjoys working with his clients, he has navigated a racing career, eventing career, PATH therapeutic riding career, and for the past five years a career in psychotherapy. He has taught me to pay attention to his subtle body language and trust his integrity while seeking out the most balanced and healthiest environment for his and clients’ needs. His intuition and attunement has added an extraordinary layer of depth, trust, connection and knowing to the equine facilitated psychotherapy work.

Snuggleberry (“Snuggles”) is our 9 year old off track thoroughbred who has taught us to reconsider all assumptions we make about horses and thoroughbreds. He is a playful and inquisitive extrovert who thrives on connecting with everyone, people and animals alike. He has never met a stranger. His approach to life is a constant reminder of how much being present, willing to learn and play can restore our wellbeing and ability to thrive in relationships.

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