My practice is founded on creating a safe space for you to work on your most authentic, whole and healthy self.  Aside from being a traditional mental health counselor since 2008, I have also been working as an equine assisted psychotherapist since 2012.
While I have mostly focused on counseling adolescents and adult individuals in the recovery from eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, I strongly believe in the importance finding your voice, acceptance of self, and awareness in the relational and cultural patterns influencing us.
Animals, particularly horses and dogs have had a strong influence in my life, and believe in the relational, mind-body and spiritual transformation that occurs in their presence. I take an experiential and relational approach, focused on mindfulness and self-discovery facilitated by our equine friends and teachers. I believe that the relationship with the horses will also help you deepen your relationship with yourself, not only in recovery, but way beyond.
In addition to a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, I am trained in
Beyond certifications, I love learning and growing in terms of my knowledge of animals and incorporating them in psychotherapy. I am currently a Level 1 Instructor Harmony Horsemanship and undergoing training and certification for the Animal Assisted Play Therapy with my German Shepard, Bravo.
Below are our beloved co-therapists: Snuggles and Max. Snuggles is 7 year old off track thoroughbred with the kindest and most inquisitive personality. He absolutely loves to connect with people!
Max is a 23 year old off track thoroughbred, who navigated successfully four different careers, including racing, eventing, teaching novice riders and therapeutic activities. He has been sharing this wisdom in equine facilitated psychotherapy for the last four years and continues to thrive teaching humans.
In loving memory of Ares, the smart and playful GSD who inspired me to get involved with animal assisted play therapy. He proudly passed the Canine Good Citizen certification with flying colors.


Bravo, prepared for his new career in Animal assisted play therapy after our training